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  1. HWC Staff

    Star Wars 2020 Starships Mix 3!

    By Allen Voivod Ready for our third mix of Star Wars™ Starships for 2020? We've got good news for you – no hyperspace travel will be required to add these six vehicles to your collection! Good, evil, and the scoundrels in between are all represented in this mini-fleet. The classic Millennium Falcon™ is returning for another exciting run, alongside castings from the hit Lucasfilm series Star Wars: The Mandalorian™ on Disney+ and from the final movie in the Skywalker Saga, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker™. The intimidating TIE Dagger™, a starfighter designed to strike fe
  2. By Gary Barnum Get off the highway and onto the backroads! The racers in our third and final Mystery Models mix of 2020 are daring enough to accept the challenge of any terrain. These 12 bold vehicles feature an Into the Wild deco theme. Be it mud, ice, rocks, or open fields, take your best shot with these. The handling and speed are up to you! Just remember these are Walmart exclusives before you tackle new territories. Note: Some of these cars will be gone faster than others, so be quick to collect the entire set. (Yes, we're saying not all are produced in
  3. By Allen Voivod Our Walmart Premium Sets for 2020 are inspired by notable "garages" – auto shops where you'll find the most amazing cars you've ever seen! For our second set of the year, we're getting our drive from the silver screen – specifically, the movie that kicked off the Fast & Furious franchise, The Fast and the Furious! The diorama packaging images are inspired by the neighborhood where you'd find D•T Precision Auto Shop, the name of Dominic Toretto's garage from that inaugural movie. In the set, you'll find all-metal versions of three street-racing castin
  4. By Gary Barnum Peel back the paint on a Hot Wheels car, and you’ll see more of the polished metal we like to call ZAMAC. These popular editions can be hard to find, but here’s a hint: they are Walmart exclusives. These are the last nine ZAMAC releases for 2020. They will appear in Mainline mixes K, N, and Q respectively. We all love Hot Wheels colors but — for these — we took them off, and you can take ’em home. Custom ’71 El Camino™ ’92 Ford Mustang ’70 Dodge Power Wagon 2020 ZAM
  5. By Gary Barnum One of the most exciting things about Hot Wheels each year is seeing all the new editions on the pegs … everything from the new castings to familiar ones we already love with new deco. The hard part is trying to decide which ones are your favorites! We’ll give your tough decision a start with our list of the 2020 Hot Wheels Mainline list. This year’s Mainline is comprised of 250 castings, and — when you add variations and more — will add as many as 400 editions to your collection! Beginning with 30 thrilling Mini Collections, you can also expect the follo
  6. HWC Staff

    Fast and Furious Mix 3: Full Force!

    By Allen Voivod If there's one awesome thing we can say about the cars from the Fast and Furious franchise – and we can say a lot of awesome things about them – it's that they never do things halfway. Wherever they're going, whatever they're doing, you can bet they're doing it Full Force! Our third mix in this year's series of premium castings features the all-metal castings and Real Riders wheels you've come to expect. Two of the castings feature a die-cast chassis for the first time ever, which means you're sure to want them for your collection. But you can't get thos
  7. By Allen Voivod In December 2019, we described the last premium Fast & Furious mix of that year as a high-concept idea: "What if we took some of the freewheeling cars you know from the global blockbuster franchise, looked at previous generations of those cars, and made them look like their modern-day movie counterparts?" That was how "Fast Rewind" began, and now the saga continues with this special Amazon-exclusive box set! They come on their original blister cards, which are especially notable. See how the cars are reflected in the nighttime asphalt? The reflection
  8. By Allen Voivod Here we go! You can practically hear the classic soundtrack in your head right now, can't you? That's the sound of pure joy, and it goes right along with the feeling of pure joy that comes with getting your hands on these Super Mario™ themed character cars. It's our third mix of Gaming Character Cars for 2020, and even though you'll have to take your hands off the gaming controller to take control of these castings, we know you'll have tons of fun with them. You'll have to collect a few coins to get them, but we doubt you'll have to face the kinds of en
  9. By Gary Barnum You’ll be seeing red if you don’t see these in your collection! These are the remaining 2020 Target-exclusive Hot Wheels Red Edition mini collection vehicles. You’ll find three of each in our mixes L and P as outlined in the Checklist below. Once you add these six red-hot editions, you should complete all 12 Red Edition releases for the year. Don’t miss them, or you’ll be … well … very disappointed. 2020 Target Red Editions Mix L ’68 Shelby GT500™ Custom Otto McLaren P1™
  10. HWC Staff

    HW Studio Character Cars: DC!

    By Gary Barnum With Wonder Woman 1984 set to release, Hot Wheels rolls out some new Character Car castings in this DC mix! The core trio of the Justice League™ – Superman™, Batman™, and Wonder Woman™ – all appear in this mix. Adding additional wonder are the new Golden Armor (Wonder Woman™) and The Cheetah™ (Wonder Woman™ villain) vehicles. There’s no slowing down this kind of action! Batman™ Rebirth The Joker™ Hot Rod Robin™ 2.0T Superman™ (Action feature!) WW84 The
  11. By Gary Barnum From places like the Hundred Acre Wood to Wonderland, from the internet to the deep blue sea, fanciful characters from Disney and Pixar have captured our imaginations. Hot Wheels continues to honor these legendary figures with Character Cars. There are several first appearances in the last two mixes for 2020. With a twist that only Hot Wheels can provide, your favorite characters are ready to roll. One place you’re sure to find them all is in your heart! Here are the last two mixes for 2020: Cheshire Cat (First appearance!)
  12. HWC Staff

    Hot Wheels Boulevard Series Mix 3!

    By Gary Barnum Representing some of the hottest cars to rock down the street, our Hot Wheels Boulevard series consists of vehicles you wish you could get your hands on in 1:1 scale! Dream about them with the third mix of 2020. From the Hoonigan ’55 Chevy® Bel Air® Gasser to the drift champion Ford GT, each vehicle in the series features optimal classic deco, Real Riders wheels, and die-cast/die-cast construction. This series is exclusive to Walmart. ’55 Chevy® Bel Air® Gasser ’66 Pontiac® GTO® ’17 Ford GT
  13. By Gary Barnum We know you want to get all of the Hot Wheels premium retail series releases from 2020. Just in case you missed them, we’re loading the following into the Shop here on HotWheelsCollectors.com! 2020 HOT WHEELS BOULEVARD MIX 2 Cars you wish you could drive. Executions you love to see. Collectibles you can only get from Hot Wheels! The Hot Wheels Boulevard series cruises with its second mix of 2020. In this mix, you may notice the Silvia (S15) appears on two different blister cards: one features the Formula Drift logo just like the car itself
  14. By Allen Voivod Last year, the "Desert Rally" mix from our Car Culture series went off the beaten path and found all kinds of new excitement. For our 2020 Car Culture series, we thought a sequel might do well with a little support for all those racers on the roads less traveled. So our third mix, "Wild Terrain," puts some emergency services onto the trails! All five entries in Mix 3 feature authentic deco and details, all-metal castings, and Real Riders wheels. We're also bringing something fresh to the scene with a new casting, the Porsche 959. No matter where you're h
  15. By Gary Barnum Nothing says “Hot Wheels collecting” quite like Super Treasure Hunts. If you’ve come up empty on your hunt, here’s one last chance to get the 2019 Super Treasure Hunt set. SOLD OUT A cornerstone of the hobby since they were introduced in 1995, Treasure Hunts have become a driving passion for collectors. And with Super Treasure Hunts, the stakes are only higher. These 15 thrilling editions are always hard to find, but here they are in one place. Bring home a set if you can! Each set contains one each of the following 2019 Super Tre
  16. HWC Staff

    Hot Wheels 2020 Team Transport Mix 2!

    By Allen Voivod Team Transport carries on for 2020! The first mix for 2020 featured remarkable racers from across the decades, and the haulers that love them. For Mix 2, we've expanded the range, including speedsters from as early as the 1960s and as recent as the 2016 Ford GT Race, seen in this livery just last year! As with previous entries in these perfectly paired mixes, the cars and their transporters feature coordinated decos and premium detailing, with all-metal castings and Real Riders wheels. And we're thrilled to introduce you to the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL and t
  17. By Brad Bannach Hot Wheels releases dozens of New Models every year. In 2020, there are over 50 being introduced in the mainline alone. Have you ever wondered what the story is behind them? Why the licensed models were chosen? How the designers came up with the Hot Wheels original designs? Let’s take a look at the latest creations to come out of El Segundo, and see what the designers who designed them have to say. Big-Air™ Bel-Air™ Hot Wheels Designer: Brendon Vetuskey First Appearance: 2020 Hot Wheels mainline, Mix K Mini Collection: Rod Squad
  18. By Allen Voivod If you've ever played any iteration of the fantastic Mario Kart™ racing games, you know that each race features multiple laps around the track. Well, we're about to start our second "lap," so to speak, with our Mario Kart™ Item Boxes! Series 2 of our new blind box series (exclusively for Walmart) brings back a few favorites from Series 1, and also adds a few more surprises to the race. You'll have the opportunity to collect seven items you might see in the game, including the coveted Mushroom Cup Trophy! The other six items in this mix are each mounted on their own mi
  19. By Allen Voivod San Diego Comic-Con is happening virtually this year, and you can pre-order the Marvel Truck with Hulk and Rocket created to celebrate the excitement of this annual event – at Mattel Creations, starting on 7/23/20! (Follow us: @mattelcreations on Instagram for access to all Comic-Con drops.) The scoop about pre-ordering is below, but first, get the details and see the photos of this convention edition collectible from Mattel… Hot Wheels® Marvel Land Rover Defender 110 Pickup Truck with Hulk and Rocket Pre-Order Details! – $25 As t
  20. 2020 SDCC is SOLD OUT By Allen Voivod The 2020 San Diego Comic-Con won't happen in person this year, but you can still pre-order your choice of these different convention collectibles at Mattel Creations, starting on 7/23/20! (Follow us: @mattelcreations on Instagram for access to all Comic-Con drops.) The details about pre-ordering are below, but first, check out the Hot Wheels items you can score from Mattel! Hot Wheels® Marvel Land Rover Defender 110 Pickup Truck with Hulk and Rocket Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™ 40th Annive
  21. By Allen Voivod For our third mix of Studio Character Cars in 2020, we're heading to a galaxy far, far away! Star Wars™ inspires us with timeless tales, epic special effects, and iconic characters. Here, that inspiration is translated into eight unique designs inspired by some of the franchise's most memorable main and supporting players. If you missed out on some of these castings the last time around – especially the ones with action features, like Darth Vader™ and Chewbacca™ – now's your chance, go get 'em! This mix also features the first appearances of vehicles inf
  22. HWC Staff

    Fast & Furious Amazon Box Set!

    By Allen Voivod Last year, we took the standard we set for our premium Car Culture series, and applied it to cars from the adrenaline-infused Fast & Furious franchise! They all featured super detailed deco, all-metal castings, and Real Riders wheels. The blister card art was pretty impressive, too. The first mix to debut was "Fast Imports," which collected five of the fiercest speedsters from four different movies. Now, we've collected all five into an exclusive Amazon box set! They come on their original blister cards, and though all five are depicted on the sides
  23. By Allen Voivod Comic-Con@Home is arriving soon! You can pre-order this Star Wars™ Hot Wheels collectible online at Mattel Creations, starting on 7/23/20! (Follow us: @mattelcreations on Instagram for access to all Comic-Con drops.) The scoop about pre-ordering is below, but first, get the details and see the photos of this convention edition collectible from Mattel… Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™ 40th Anniversary X-Wing Fighter (Dagobah™) – $25 Luke Skywalker™ is marooned after crash-landing in a swamp on Dagobah™. He came in search of a le
  24. HWC Staff

    Hot Wheels Kar Keepers and Track

    By Gary Barnum Because you demanded it! What’s the way to keep your collection in pristine shape when you want to keep them on the blister cards? Our Kar Keepers clamshell cases, of course! Plus, in this kit we've included a length of exclusive Hot Wheels Collectors Track with two connectors! These Kar Keepers are your best bets to avoid bent corners, scratching, ripping, and warping of our standard sized blister cards. Those things are works of art, so you want to protect them, right? The kit includes 10 Kar Keepers. And what’s more fun than hitting the tra
  25. HWC Staff

    2020 Flying Customs Mix 2 at Target

    By Gary Barnum Sometimes what was old becomes new again! A sweet old-school styling makes these Hot Wheels editions stand out in the world of today. Our 2020 Flying Customs mix 2 releases are exclusive to Target stores. Leaning into a retro deco, these eight castings burst onto the modern scene. We know you won’t overlook the slick representational illustration specific to each vehicle on the blister cards. Don’t let them slip into your past! ’67 Chevy® C10 ’70 Ford Torino ’96 Nissan 180SX Type X
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