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The 50-Year Milestone: HWC Original 16 Display Set on 11/6

By Gary Barnum

When Hot Wheels ripped out of the starting gate in 1968, it was with 16 exhilarating cars. And those cars have made tracks for 50 years, building a brand known around the world.

For our 50th Anniversary, we've taken our HWC Original 16 retools of these rare castings and constructed one awe-inspiring showroom-style display set. A recreation of the original store displays made in 1968 to showcase the new die-cast brand, it features a slide-out tray to hold the cars until you’re ready to show them off. Whether you were there when they launched or not, this nostalgic set will be a classic addition to your collection.

Each of these die-cast/die-cast cars features a Spectraflame finish—a shiny paint job named with the original releases. They also roll out on Neo-Classics Redline wheels, emulating the classic red-striped tires that inspired the early line. Remaining authentic to the first editions, some of them feature opening hoods and/or matte black roofs as well.


Here are the 16 cars you'll receive in this wondrous display set:



Beatnik Bandit

Possibly the most notable creation of legendary car customizer Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, the Beatnik Bandit was built on a modified 1955 Olds chassis with futuristic bubble top and joystick steering. It was a celebrated legend of car shows in the early 1960s. This edition is Spectraflame pale violet.



Originally released as the "Python" in 1968, it was intended to be called the Cheetah. We've since been able to claim the name as first planned back in '68. Based on a popular show car, the name now proclaims "speed." For this release, we've used Spectraflame bright orange with a matte black roof.


Custom '67 Firebird

The Firebird was Pontiac's entry into the pony car market. It came with a convertible option, which we used for our 1:64 edition. This piece is finished in Spectraflame olive with an opening hood.


Custom Plymouth Barracuda

With its longer wheelbase, the 1967 Plymouth Barracuda fastback evolved from a swift fish to an actual pony car. It either swam or galloped into the inaugural Hot Wheels line, depending on how you look at it. This one is Spectraflame antifreeze with an opening hood.


Custom Camaro®

From the very beginning, the 1967 Camaro and Hot Wheels went together: the first Camaro was also the first Hot Wheels car produced. The Camaro® remains one of the most favored Hot Wheels castings to this day. This release of the flagship of the Hot Wheels fleet is finished in Spectraflame brown with a matte black roof and an opening hood.


Custom Corvette®

Back in 1968, the Corvette®—named after a small type of warship—was released with an all-new, third-generation look. It sailed right into the inaugural Hot Wheels line. For this set, the nautically-named sports car is Spectraflame ice blue with an opening hood.


Custom Cougar

With its first market release, the 1967 Cougar was a slightly lengthier version of the Ford Mustang. This was Mercury’s cool cat in the pony car stable, and it clawed its way to car of the year. You'll find Spectraflame purple on this feline, with a matte black roof and an opening hood.


Custom Eldorado

Heavily redesigned in 1967, the Cadillac Eldorado took a luxury car and made it slick. For example, the headlights were hidden behind vacuum-operated doors. It was pure gold! Fitting that this edition features a Spectraflame classic yellow finish with a matte black roof and opening hood.


Custom Fleetside

Brought in to design the first Hot Wheels cars, designer Harry Bentley Bradley was driving a "California custom style" '64 El Camino at the time—a look popular with the Southern California surf culture. Mattel CEO Elliot Handler famously directed Harry to make Hot Wheels "look like that thing of yours outside." This edition of the car that defined the brand is finished in Spectraflame dark green with a matte black roof and opening tonneau cover.


Custom Mustang

Ford's Mustang was such a popular car that it led to the coining of a phrase to describe an entire genre of cars as "pony cars." This release features a Spectraflame magenta finish and the earlier open-slot style opening hood.


Custom T-Bird

Our Hot Wheels spin on the luxurious 1967 Ford Thunderbird features the “fishmouth” grille that was inspired by jetfighters. Thunder in the skies or thunder on the highways, this bird soared. Finished in Spectraflame pink with a matte black roof, this edition includes an opening hood.


Custom Volkswagen

Though it had actually been around since the 1930s, the Volkswagen Beetle became an iconic car of the 1960s. The "bug" was powered up in 1967, and Ira Gilford added it to the Hot Wheels inaugural lineup. This release features a Spectraflame dark red finish and the slide-open sunroof.


Dodge Deora Concept

The real customized Dodge A100 show car was designed in 1964 by none other than Harry Bentley Bradley. Deora is a Spanish word for gold, the color in which the show car was finished. When Harry designed the Hot Wheels version a few years later, two removable surfboards were added. True to its origins, this edition features a Spectraflame yellow finish and two removable surfboards.


Ford J-Car

Based on the 1967 Ford GT40 Mark IV driven by the legendary Carroll Shelby, the Ford J-Car took its place among the inaugural editions of the Hot Wheels brand. Finished in Spectraflame navy blue, this release also features the opening rear.


Hot Heap

Inspired by Tognotti's T—the award-winning customized Model T Roadster designed by Don Tognotti in the 1960s—the stylish Hot Heap was one of several show cars represented in the original 16 Hot Wheels editions. This release is finished in Spectraflame light brown.



It was a real show car in the 1960s, and the eye-catching custom joined the Hot Wheels brand launch in our first year. However, the real Silhouette went missing in the 1980s—and has never been found! This edition is finished in Spectraflame aqua.

NOTE: This item has limited quantities and might sell out while many await the opportunity to purchase. Unfortunately, not everyone who is held in the Waiting Room is guaranteed to be able to purchase, so please be prepared.


Production cars may vary from the photos shown. Mattel reserves the right to modify the color, decorations and wheel type.

Packaging and Quantities:

  • Packaged in a sturdy white box with the 50th anniversary logo; the display contains a drawer to hold the individual cars
  • Each set features an individually numbered sticker (xxx/1,500)


  • RLC Members (36-hour Priority Window): 11/6/18 at 9 a.m. PT until 11/7/18 at 9 p.m. PT
  • HWC Account Holders (if not sold out): 11/8/18 at 9 a.m. PT

Pricing and Purchase Limits:

  • Priced at $499.99 plus shipping and processing; customers shipping to Canada may be required to pay an additional shipping charge (we do offer international shipping to some countries; for the list of available countries and more shipping options and information, click here)
  • Limit of ONE (1) per RLC Membership
  • On 11/8/18, unless sold out, there is a limit of ONE (1) per HWC Account, and RLC Members may purchase their limit of ONE (1) if they did not do so during the Priority Window (purchase limits subject to change after RLC Priority Window)
  • Rewards Points for RLC Members (per purchase): 500
  • Refunds only, no exchanges



HWC Staff
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Am I reading this right? 400 points for a $500 purchase? And a shipping charge also? Is this a sign of things to come???

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odd since all other purchases are a point a dollar, so you lose 100 dollars in points. thought anything over 50 was free shipping.

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And there it is! Such beauty and such beauties! I'll be there with my wallet open! Just one more sentence so that I can reach a total of four exclamation marks!

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WOW!!! Beautiful...I will be trying to by this...an early Christmas present for myself..

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I wonder about the quality of the display. Each car is $20 times 16 is $320 (that is being that they are open). That means the display is $180, I hope that the display is made solid and hopefully there is a review somewhere before the sale.

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Should've made more. I want one and will be trying to purchase! Good luck all!

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Holy Moly .... $656.03 + shipping CDN !!!!! ..... Just before the Holidays ? ..... My CC cannot take such a huge purchase this time of year .... Mattel could have put this up like in June\July it would have been much better .... oh well; I wanted it bad. I will just sit back and see how many will hit the secondary market and see what stupid prices they will go for.

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i think since its 500 dollars, the shipping will be free right? this is actually cheap compared to the one that was for charity. it sold for 6,200 dollars

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That is an awesome set.? But this set is way to much and I can't afford it. So I won't be getting one.

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I was hoping it would be sold without the cars to keep the price down. Are all of these cars that were released before?

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Do all the cars come loose or packaged? Or packed in the drawer?

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OR you can buy on Ebay for $1,250 pre-order. Guess some people are confident in buying them.

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Guest 47011135


Those will be gone fast . I wish they would do more pre-orders so that they could make enough for those who want it and then have a small amount for the impulse buyers .

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I LOVE this display set and the 16 cars, but I think $500 USD is crazy. I know they are going to sell out fast, but really HOTWHEELS? IMO They should have produced more sets and reduced the price to around $349. It's very sad most of us will never see this set.

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To rich for my budget, have almost most of the real 68' sweet sixteen, and I made a copy of the brown camaro from a club car but it has bushing suspension, these dont.But it is a nice piece.

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I will be going after at least one of these.....I hope the $500 price tag deters most from not getting it......

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This is a super bargain price. I assumed it would be at least $1,000. If a single model in a small wood box is $300 then this beautiful display is easily worth much more than $500. If you love Hot Wheels this will be the center piece of your collection. Oh wait, nah, dont't buy one...at least till after I get mine!

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Can't even throw in the shipping after spending $500??

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