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Stimulating Stunts: 2019 Mystery Models Mix 3 at Walmart!

By Gary Barnum

When Mattel began issuing Hot Wheels cars, wild orange track was being laid right behind them. This iconic accessory allows you to use your Hot Wheels for mystifying stunts. We dedicate the last Mystery Models mix of 2019 to these performances! Pull into Walmart if you wanna find ’em.

Note: Some of these cars will be gone faster than others, so be quick to collect the entire set. (Yes, we're saying not all are produced in the same quantities — we're just not telling you which ones.)


GBD04_001?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBD04_003?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBD04_002?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
’69 Ford Mustang Boss 302
GBC99_001?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBC99_003?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBC99_002?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
’71 Datsun 510 Wagon
GBC98_001?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBC98_003?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBC98_002?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
Cruise Bruiser
GBD06_001?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBD06_003?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBD06_002?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
Formula Flashback
GBD01_001?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBD01_003?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBD01_002?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
Formula Street
GBD07_001?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBD07_003?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBD07_002?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
La Fasta
GBD03_001?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBD03_003?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBD03_002?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
Loop Coupe
GBD05_001?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBD05_003?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBD05_002?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
Mazda Furai
GBD09_001?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBD09_003?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBD09_002?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
Sky Dome
GBD08_001?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBD08_003?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBD08_002?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
Torque Twister
GBD02_001?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBD02_003?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBD02_002?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBD00_001?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBD00_003?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
GBD00_002?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMo
Volkswagen Caddy


Mystery Mix 3 Checklist:

  • ’69 Ford Mustang Boss 302
  • ’71 Datsun 510 Wagon
  • Cruise Bruiser
  • Formula Flashback
  • Formula Street
  • La Fasta
  • Loop Coupe
  • Mazda Furai
  • Sky Dome
  • Torque Twister
  • Twinduction
  • Volkswagen Caddy



Items and dates subject to change. Production cars may vary from the photos shown. Mattel reserves the right to modify the color, decorations and wheel type.

HWC Staff
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Recommended Comments

Well I can tell you right now the Cruise Bruiser and the Wagon are ones I can't find so far. The Sky Dome is awesome and the La Fasta looks cool in the pictures.

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I don't see why we can't purchase sets or individual castings on HWC. By the time they are advertised on here, you can't locate them in stores or online!!

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Will be on the lookout for that Datsun 510 wagon. We have over a dozen Walmart's here in JAGVILLE,FLA. I wish Kmart would pass the baton to Walmart. We use to have over 10 Kmart's here now we have none. Walmart & Targets are stepping up. Come on Wally take the baton !!

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You're kidding, right? These have been in the finds forum for over a month now! Instead of giving us outdated information, how about giving us the scoop on the 2020 models and hunts like OTHER sites already have! Jeez!!!

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Those new mystery models are all awesome. ?I have all 12 in my hotwheels collection. ?

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These have been on the shelves for over a month, old news.

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a real nice set have all 12 and the box they come in the bruiser and the wagon are the limited ones

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Anybody else seeing that there are several of the Mustangs, which is the "Mystery Chase", in the boxes but there is only one Datsun Wagon in a case? I have found up to five Mustangs in a case.

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And I thought the last RLC offering of the Porsche 934 was totally insane. CHECK THIS OUT! For those that know how to determine what is inside without using the little clear plastic window on the front of each package ( #/01-#/12), I was 1st to 2 boxes of 24 inside each box. I found 2 #/01 (Mustang) in 1 box and 3 #/01(Mustang) in another box (verified by using window on front also). Both #/02(Muira) & #/03(Datsun Wagon) were found at 1 of ea. in ea. of the 2 boxes. NO #/11(Bruiser Cruiser) was in either of the 2 boxes. HOPE THIS HELPS!

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SORRY! FUIRA, NOT Muira, and CRUISE BRUISER, NOT Bruiser Cruiser!

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