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Special Hot Wheels Cases with Exclusive Variations at the Kroger Family of Stores!

By Gary Barnum


A cornerstone of collecting since the inaugural year of Hot Wheels in 1968, variations are editions which are released in an alternate color scheme. Some collectors focus almost entirely on variations! We like to help with this fun twist on the hobby, so we’ve got some special cases heading to the Kroger Family of Stores.


These packs won’t be online, so picking up these four releases will be found at your local Kroger stores (find a Kroger Family of Stores location near you which is expected to have these cases). The mix will feature the following Kroger Exclusive variations:


Kroger Exclusive variations:

’76 Greenwood Corvette® – HW Race Day (White)

’96 Porsche Carrera – Porsche (Silver)

Custom Ford Maverick – HW Flames (Blue)

Rodger Dodger – HW Art Cars (Gold)


GHG61.png ’76 Greenwood Corvette® – HW Race Day (White)


GHG60.png Rodger Dodger – HW Art Cars (Gold)


GHG59.png ’96 Porsche Carrera – Porsche (Silver)


GHG62.png Custom Ford Maverick – HW Flames (Blue)


(Click here for more images!)




Items and dates subject to change. Production cars may vary from the photos shown. Mattel reserves the right to modify the color, decorations, scale, body, and wheel type.


Edited by HWC Staff

HWC Staff
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More rubbish! Nothing special about those castings or the recoloring. My local Ralph's has a few shippers and a Bin of Death with plenty of these just taking up space.

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no koger near me. closet is 180ish miles away. not paying for one car plus shipping from reseller. can we pick a nation wide store next time?

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