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Reminder: Buy 20 Hot Wheels Cars, Snag a ’64 GMC Panel

By Tara Zucker

Don’t miss this delivery…snag a '64 GMC Panel for free. Our latest Kmart 20-for-1 promotion ends 10/10!

Remember, you have until October 10th to snag a Hot Wheels Collector Edition '64 GMC Panel when you purchase 20 Hot Wheels cars at a participating Kmart store.

This collectible edition features a blister card that calls out “Collector Edition” and is shipped in a Kar Keepers clamshell. Here are the specs:

  • Body Color: Spectraflame black
  • Deco: Red roof and flames on hood and sides
  • Body Type: Metal
  • Wheels: Real Riders five-spoke wheels w/red stripe tampo
  • Base: Full-metal, zinc-plated chassis
  • Window Color: Clear
  • Interior Color: Silver

Also, be sure to check out the exclusive Hot Wheels graphic tee and Hot Wheels baseball cap featuring the classic Hot Wheels logo! They’re available online and in Kmart stores, too.

  2b886380-e54d-4d40-8e76-f46faa639785.Large.jpg?1   3577fba0-86dc-44b4-a3ec-c52705d578a1.Large.jpg?1  

To get your '64 GMC Panel, just follow these instructions (but please read the Official Rules for full details):

  1. Buy 20 selected 1:64 scale Hot Wheels mainline (basic) cars at participating Kmart locations from September 5, 2015, to October 10, 2015. Cars must be from the assortment numbers listed on the OFFICIAL RULES.
  2. Mail the original cash register receipt(s), 20 blister cards (the entire cardboard piece, but not the car or plastic window) for each vehicle you order (limit of ten vehicles per household), and the completed order form (fill out the form and print it), along with $3.50 US shipping and processing for each vehicle you order (check or money order only, made payable to MATTEL) to:

    '64 GMC Panel
    P.O. Box 1229
    East Aurora, NY 14052

    PLEASE NOTE: All requests must be postmarked by October 16, 2015, and received by November 3, 2015. Limit of one '64 GMC Panel for every 20 basic cars you purchase within the promotional period, regardless of how many receipts those 20 cars are on. Offer is limited to ten vehicles per household per promotional period.
  3. Receive a 1:64 '64 GMC Panel. Allow 8 - 12 weeks for receipt of vehicle.
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Guest gwthehwguy1572367380


Very sweet issue!!Hope to score me one!!

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Guest gwthehwguy1572367380


I do agree also, however that this is an undue hassle.I know this makes for exclusivity and all, but maybe just a little toooo much for what`s at stake.It`s like,you know that Tom Petty song,"Made me work a little too hard,pushed me just a little too far, there`s been a change of heart"!!! TOUCH`E!!!This seems apropos at this juncture. I`ve bought at least 20 of your products as of late, but why all just K-mart? This sounds like the guy who has his girl friend`s friends and brother and so on tell her how cool you are and you end up getting dumped because you come off like a nerd who needs special help getting/keeping a girl.
Does K-mart need special help getting/keeping our biz.First Sears,now this!! Watch out K-mart! You could be about to get dumped!! Hope not. I bought one of my best pieces there, ironically. The `55 Bel Air Gasser!!! How much is that worth,by the way? I would sell if the price is right. Please someone out there in HW Heaven,give me some feedback.
Thank you all and your continued talents and support etc. are greatly appreciated!!!Peace out Happy Holidays in advance etc etc. etc..
May the Peace of God which surpasseth all understanding meet with you now!!

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