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    Team Transport Mix #2 Rolling Into Stores Now

    By HWC Admin Too, in News,

    By Eve Orio When we debuted the all-new Car Culture Team Transport lineup, we promised a second release for 2018. It's rolling into stores now, so get your ears on and listen up for the details on Mix #2! Paying homage to some of the top racers from the ‘70s onward, each Team Transport package … Read More

    It's been 25 years since Jack Skellington wandered out of Halloween Town and into Christmas Town. Hot Wheels celebrates the anniversary—and two holidays—with this series of cars based on Tim Burton's groundbreaking Disney film, The Nightmare Before Christmas! All eight cars are wonderfully decorat… Read More


    Reach Out for Our Lightsaber™ Series Character Cars!

    By HWC Admin Too, in News,

    By Gary Barnum When you need to cut through the competition, what can be more useful than a plasma blade powered by a kyber crystal—better known as the Lightsaber™? Obi-Wan Kenobi™ described it this way: "This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. An elegant weapon… Read More


    Final 2018 Car Culture Mix: Dragstrip Demons!

    By HWC Admin Too, in News,

    By Eve Orio Red…yellow…GO! Our Car Culture series wraps up for 2018 with the Dragstrip Demons, a lineup that’ll take you straight back to the glory days of drag racing. Along with authentic decos, the five vehicles in Mix 6 each feature Real Riders wheels and arrive in illustrated packaging wi… Read More

    By Gary Barnum Our next Kmart cases—packed specially with exclusive variations and first-to-market releases—will appear in October! You can order online beginning 10/14 or attend the Kmart Collector Day event on 10/20. You can get a head start on these cases by ordering online at Kmart.com begin… Read More

    By Gary Barnum   We got a peek at the past of the lovable rogue Han Solo™ in the hot summer film available now on Digital, 4K UHD™ and Blu-ray™: Solo: A Star Wars Story™. Hot Wheels couldn't pass up the fun, so we've got more Star Wars™ Character Cars for you! [attachment=6722:name] … Read More

    By Gary Barnum The consensus seems to be that it was the 1967 Plymouth Barracuda fastback that made this swift fish an actual pony car. With its longer wheelbase, it was ready to strike! Reel in our HWC Original 16 Custom Barracuda on 8/28/18. This edition features an opening hood, a Spectraflam… Read More


    HWC Original 16 Silhouette at HWC on 8/21/18

    By HWC Staff, in News,

    By Gary Barnum It was a real show car in the 1960s, and the eye-catching custom joined the Hot Wheels brand launch in our first year. However, the real Silhouette went missing in the 1980s—and has never been found! But you can find our HWC Original 16 edition on 8/21/18. Always a very popular pi… Read More

    By Allen Voivod Star Wars™, one of the most popular sagas in cinematic history, immediately flew into the hearts of its fans. Decades and many iconic starships later, Hot Wheels is bringing these flying machines to the collector as originally conceptualized by George Lucas and designer Colin Cantw… Read More


    Last 2018 HW ZAMAC Editions at Walmart!

    By HWC Staff, in News,

    By Gary Barnum Our ZAMAC editions show off the polished metal material that makes Hot Wheels so unique. Always a favorite of collectors, the series concludes for the 2018 year with Mix Q. These will shine up at Walmart in September. Sample Images: [attachment=4414:name] … Read More

    By Eve Orio Venture down any neighborhood street in America and it'll be a rare one that doesn't have a Honda sitting in the driveway. Although Honda began in 1937 as a small producer of piston rings, by 1959 it had grown to be the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer. Today, not only is Honda … Read More

    By Gary Barnum Based on a show car, the Cheetah was released by Hot Wheels as the "Python" in 1968. It was originally intended to be called the Cheetah—and now it is. Catch our HWC Original 16 edition if you can on 7/31/18. Not released since the first year of Hot Wheels, this is a major comebac… Read More

    By Gary Barnum The 2018 Hot Wheels Red Edition mini collection vehicles are power sliding to the finish line! The final three exclusive-colored Mainline releases are at Target stores in Mix P. Concluding all 12 Red Edition releases for the year, Mix P should be available in August. Consider this… Read More

    By Gary Barnum The 1967 Cadillac Eldorado was heavily redesigned, creating a much slicker version of a luxury car. Notice the headlights? No, because they were hidden behind vacuum-operated doors. The Custom Eldorado made the inaugural Hot Wheels lineup in 1968, and now returns—its first release s… Read More

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