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  1. By HWC Staff   Thank you so much for being part of the Hot Wheels collecting community! Your support is greatly appreciated, and we're always looking for opportunities to improve your experiences with us.   Last year, we told you about the migration to a new forum platform. Well,… Read More

  2. Hot Wheels 2020 5-Packs Part 1

    By HWC Staff, in News,

    By Gary Barnum   You’ll find our annual Hot Wheels 5-packs are an excellent—and exponential—way to increase your collection. Each 5-pack features an exciting theme with appropriate and colorful decorations. Stock up!   We've got a total of 17 spectacular 5-packs lined up for 2020… Read More

  3. By Gary Barnum   Get ready to rock & roll! Our Pop Culture series will ramble on into 2020 with the first mix dedicated to Led Zeppelin, among the greatest rock bands of all time.   The near-mythical band released its first album 50 years ago (yes, just the year after Hot Wheels … Read More

  4. By Gary Barnum   Our rare “naked” Hot Wheels releases – the popular ZAMAC editions – return for 2020 with some exciting vehicles. They’ll be showing off at your local Walmart stores beginning with Mix E in February.   Stripped of paint, polished to a shine, these editions have be… Read More

  5. HW Studio Character Cars: Marvel!

    By HWC Staff, in News,

    By Gary Barnum   Leaping from the pages of colorful comic books to the big screen, Marvel’s characters have found new adventures in their Cinematic Universe. Keeping the action rolling, these studio stars become Hot Wheels Character Cars!   Marvel is featured as the first Studio … Read More

  6. By Gary Barnum   Customizers started lowering their cars and trucks as early as the late ’40s by using sandbags in their trunks, cutting their spring coils, etc. By the late ’50s, the practice was outlawed. But in 1959, a hydraulic system was developed so riders could raise or lower their … Read More

  7. By Allen Voivod   Love looking at pictures of Hot Wheels vehicles? Love collecting the cars, too? Then have we ever got just the thing for you!   Our 2020 Mainline Poster Set is the definitive guide to the hundreds of castings available in the new year, and even gives you a prev… Read More

  8. By Allen Voivod   Physical cars you can play with and collect in both the real world and the virtual world, Hot Wheels™ id is taking the racing world by storm. Mix 5 is filled with new challengers to the speed records you established with the cars you've already got. Are you ready for the … Read More

  9. Hot Wheels Boulevard Series Returns

    By HWC Staff, in News,

    By Gary Barnum   Imagine nothing but the best and coolest cars driving down your streets. Putting the “jam” in traffic jam, our Hot Wheels Boulevard series returns featuring nothing but collector-favorite castings.   Each vehicle in the series features optimal classic deco, Real … Read More

  10. Get the Power of American Steel at Walmart!

    By HWC Staff, in News,

    By Gary Barnum     The first mass-produced cars in America began to roll out of Detroit right about the turn of the century (1900, not 2000). But it appears the automobile production really accelerated in the mid-century with heavy-duty steel vehicles. Today, estimates put the number … Read More

  11. Fast & Furious Mix 5 Rewinds Time!

    By HWC Staff, in News,

    By Allen Voivod   Our last Fast & Furious Premium Assortment mix for 2019 is a bit of a high-concept idea. It started like this: What if we took some of the freewheeling cars you know from the global blockbuster franchise, looked at previous generations of those cars, and made them look li… Read More

  12. RLC Exclusive Holiday Volkswagen Drag Bus

    By HWC Staff, in News,

    By Gary Barnum   The holidays are great for bringing out a feeling of warm nostalgia. We think of past holidays and pleasant memories. This holiday season, we’ve got a little nostalgia for you – a long-standing collector favorite comes back to help us celebrate. The Volkswagen Drag Bus mak… Read More

  13. Team Transport Mix 4 Hauling for Home!

    By HWC Staff, in News,

    By Allen Voivod   Time to pack it up and call it a year! Team Transport, the extension of the Car Culture brand of premium detailed Hot Wheels castings, heads for home with Mix 4, the last one for 2019. Get ready to have twice as much collecting fun on this latest run to the pegs!   … Read More

  14. Cruisin' to See and Be Seen!

    By HWC Staff, in News,

    By Allen Voivod   With a name like "Cruisin'," our final Car Culture Premium Assortment for 2019 sounds like it's going to take things leisurely. And you'd be right! These cars were made to be admired as they glide down the boulevard on a sultry Friday night. Now it's your turn to collect … Read More

  15. By Gary Barnum   With its wedge shape and scissor doors, it would become an exotic car icon after first appearing in the early 1970s. By the time we reached the ’82 Lamborghini Countach LP500 S, it featured a power upgrade courtesy of a 4.8-liter engine. Upgrade your collection with our RL… Read More

  16. Walmart Entertainment Mix 5: SpongeBob!

    By HWC Staff, in News,

    By Allen Voivod   Hail, hail, the gang's all here! For our final Walmart-exclusive Entertainment mix of 2019, we've gathered many of the stars of the long-running series SpongeBob SquarePants. And by long-running, we're calling attention the fact that the show is celebrating its 20th anniv… Read More

  17. RLC Exclusive '55 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL

    By HWC_Admin, in News,

    By Gary Barnum   It’s probably one of the most recognizable status sports cars of all time. If you’ve got a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, you’re in good company … the car has been owned by world-famous movie stars, artists, fashion designers, and architects. If you don’t have one, you can pick up … Read More

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