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  1. By Gary Barnum   One of the most exciting things about Hot Wheels each year is seeing all the new editions on the pegs … everything from the new castings to familiar ones we already love with new deco. The hard part is trying to decide which ones are your favorites! We’ll give your tough d… Read More

  2. By Allen Voivod   Mobs, mobs, and more mobs! When you play Minecraft, you may encounter some dangerous groups of creatures – and some comparatively mild ones, too. For our second mix of Gaming Character Cars for 2020, we've gone to the overworld and brought back designs inspired by hostile… Read More

  3. By Gary Barnum   Being the top-end cars that they are, a Lamborghini will set you back at least six figures. Makes it pretty hard to get your hands on one, but Hot Wheels is here to help you out! Our RLC Exclusive Lamborghini Countach LP500 S is not only a classic, but far more affordable.… Read More

  4. By Gary Barnum   We’re betting you’ve seen at least one or two of these classic Disney films, if not all of them. The joy of Disney animation recalls stories of love, learning, heroism… We’ve all been touched by them. What better way for Hot Wheels to salute Pop Culture than with Disney Cl… Read More

  5. By Allen Voivod   Some heroes can fly, and others can run really fast, but most of them need some kind of vehicle to chase down and defeat the bad guys! That's where the castings in Mix 1 of our 2020 HW Entertainment series come into play.   For this introductory mix, you'll find… Read More

  6. By Allen Voivod   Physical cars you can play with and collect in both the real world and the virtual world, Hot Wheels™ id is taking the racing world by storm. Mix 7 combines castings inspired by real-world cars, our own Hot Wheels original designs, and even a design from the silver screen… Read More

  7. By Allen Voivod   Muscle cars and rockin' beats – that's music to our ears! It's also a formula for success in the Fast and Furious franchise, and we're celebrating both with the second 2020 mix of this series: Motor City Muscle, sporting some of Detroit's greatest hits! And two of them ar… Read More

  8. By Allen Voivod   A third year of Team Transport mixes – an extension of the collector-beloved Car Culture series – is already hauling some remarkable racers to the pegs this year! Represented in 2020's Team Transport Mix 1? Muscle from the '70s, endurance from the '90s, and tuners from th… Read More

  9. By Allen Voivod   Welcome to a new year of Car Culture from Hot Wheels! Our first mix of the year, Door Slammers, features racers like the ones you might have seen in Trans-Am events from back in the early 1970s.   All five entries in this mix hug the turns with authentic deco an… Read More

  10. By Gary Barnum   Hot Wheels caught the eyes of collectors in a new, colorful way in the mid-1970s — with the “Flying Colors” releases. With a nostalgic eye, we present the 2020 Flying Customs! These editions recall the spirit of another time and place.   Transformed with retro de… Read More

  11. By Allen Voivod   Very few people ever get to set foot inside the Nissan DNA Garage in Zama, a city in the Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan. For the launch of our Hot Wheels 2020 Walmart Premium Sets, we're giving you the feel of it with our first mix, "Nissan Garage" – featuring our own Aero … Read More

  12. By Gary Barnum   Our first Mystery Models theme of 2020 will have your pulse pounding as it tears out of the starting gate at top speed! The World of Racing mix features 12 vehicles that not only match the theme in style, but also in décor.   You won’t know what you’ve got until … Read More

  13. Star Wars™ 2020 Starships Mix 1!

    By HWC Staff, in News,

    By Allen Voivod   We've got a good feeling about this! Our Star Wars Starships series will take you to all corners of the galaxy in 2020, with iconic vehicles from the light side and the dark side of this blockbuster franchise.   Mix 1 includes six castings that can all be seen … Read More

  14. By Allen Voivod   We're excited to announce a new series of Character Cars for 2020, dedicated exclusively to video games! Mix 1 of our Gaming Character Cars features five popular brawlers from Street Fighter V.   After thirty years and more than a dozen titles – not to mention a… Read More

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