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    2018 Holiday Shipping Deadlines!

    By HWC Staff, in News,

    Happy holidays to you and yours! We hope you get everything you wish for this year. And when you order from us, we want to make sure your shipments arrive before 12/25! So please, take careful note of these shipping deadlines. For order processing on shipments being delivered to address in the con… Read More


    Vote for the 2020 Mainline HW Flames Collection!

    By HWC Admin Too, in News,

    By Gary Barnum What would you choose if you were picking out the Hot Wheels for a Mainline Mini Collection? Sound like fun? Here's your chance. We're planning the 2020 Mainline HW Flames Mini Collection now, and we've got 19 options. But we need your help. Take our Collectors’ Choice poll, pic… Read More


    Only at Walmart: American Pickup Mix

    By HWC Admin Too, in News,

    By Eve Orio Back in the early 1900s, Henry Ford had a vision: to convert the military pickup truck into something useful for everyday civilians. So, in 1917, he created what is considered by most to be the first pickup truck – the Ford Model TT. That was the beginning of our love affair with the … Read More


    Hot Wheels 2019 Mainline on the Streets!

    By HWC Admin Too, in News,

    By Gary Barnum We're rolling into 2019 at the usual Hot Wheels breakneck speed! Our flagship Mainline is filled with must-have die-cast for fans of the brand and car lovers alike. Here's your first look at the list of what to make room for in your collection this year. Filling out the Mainline… Read More


    2019 HW Entertainment: DC Theatrical Vehicles!

    By HWC Admin Too, in News,

    By Gary Barnum The theatrical films of DC Comics' Super Heroes have always produced thrilling vehicles. To begin our 2019 HW Entertainment series, the first mix is comprised of these DC modes of transportation. Faithfully recreated, these six die-cast/die-cast vehicles arrive in January on col… Read More

    By Eve Orio If you love Hot Wheels (and who doesn’t?!), you’ve probably always wanted a behind-the-scenes look at how they’re created. Well, if you’ve got a Hot Wheels collection and a camera, show us what you’ve got and enter the Ultimate Collector Contest…if you win, you’ll get a trip for two t… Read More


    Final Themed Series for 2018: Ford Trucks

    By HWC Admin Too, in News,

    By Eve Orio For our final themed series of 2018, we pay homage to one of the most recognizable truck brands in the U.S. with a release dedicated entirely to Ford pickups. This new mix features a time-traveling range of iconic pickups, from the essential ’29 Ford Pickup through the workhorse Ford … Read More


    Hot Wheels 2018 Mystery Models Mix 4: Creatures!

    By HWC Admin Too, in News,

    By Gary Barnum The fourth and final 2018 mix of our Mystery Models series features creatures! Creep into Walmart now to pick up your new pets. Including fun castings such as the legendary Bone Shaker, this mix comes roaring to life in "mysterious" ways. Also, each package includes a colorful s… Read More


    Final Pop Culture Mix for 2018: Street Fighter V

    By HWC Admin Too, in News,

    By Eve Orio Awesome Hot Wheels rides deco’d with top characters from one of gaming’s all-time favorites? Even the evil Vega himself couldn’t resist… and you won’t be able to either when our Street Fighter V mix arrives! The final Pop Culture release for 2018, Mix 5 includes representations of … Read More

    Hot Wheels that intentionally "vary" from the final produced piece are known as variations, and many collectors specialize in them. One of our earliest and most notorious variations, a white Custom Camaro® EP, slipped out to market back in 1968. To recognize the variation craze and pay homage to the… Read More


    New for 2019: Fast & Furious Premium Assortment

    By HWC Staff, in News,

    By Eve Orio Ask any racer, any real racer … there’s nothing like the Fast & Furious film franchise to capture the insanity (and by insanity, we mean awesomeness) of street racing. But it’s about family, too, and we like to think of Fast & Furious as part of ours. For 2019, the family is growing w… Read More

    By Eve Orio It’s been fifty years. Fifty years of making the coolest cars in the history of cool cars. And fifty years after the first prototype sped across Mattel founder Elliot Handler’s desk, Hot Wheels is still the number one toy in the world*, with 10 million cars produced per week and 16 ca… Read More

    By Gary Barnum Known for his majestic superhero artwork, legendary comic artist/painter Alex Ross was honored earlier this year with one of our 2018 Pop Culture collections. But if you missed the full set in stores, or even if you didn't, you can get one of each of the five vehicles in this limit… Read More

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