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Orange and Blue Series Mix 1

By Gary Barnum

It’s almost a secret series. But these editions are far too distinguished to go unnoticed! Since our 50th anniversary in 2018, we’ve produced a special dual-colored series each year. This year? We’re going Orange and Blue!

It began with the Black and Gold series in 2018, transitioned to the Satin and Chrome series in 2019, and rolled into the Pearl and Chrome series of 2020. These collector-favored editions emerge in their boldest tones yet for 2021! Color your collection with this distinctive palette of cars.

You’ll find these editions at select retailers including grocery, drug stores, and hobby stores.

GRR36.png ’64 Chevy® Chevelle® SS™


GRR37.png Custom ’56 Ford Truck


GRR38.png Custom ’62 Chevy® Pickup


GRR41.png Twin Mill III


GRR42.png Custom Cadillac® Fleetwood™


(Click here for more images!)  

Orange and Blue Mix 1 Checklist:

  • ’64 Chevy® Chevelle® SS™
  • Custom ’56 Ford Truck
  • Custom ’62 Chevy® Pickup
  • Custom Cadillac® Fleetwood™
  • Twin Mill III


Items and dates subject to change. Production cars may vary from the photos shown. Mattel reserves the right to modify the color, decorations and wheel type. Product subject to availability.


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does anyone know if there will be a chase car???

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That Twin Mill III looks a lot like the one that comes with the new Twin Mill Monster Truck. I already bought that one, but I will get this one too, because the tampos are different.

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I live in East Tennessee. Does anybody know a store in this area that is selling this set?

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guys there is no chase in that set mattel posted that earlier

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Haven't seen a chase car...been looking since they came out...1st set anniversary without a chase car.

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