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HWC Charity Custom Challenge Returns!

By Gary Barnum

It’s been a couple years since we held the first HWC Charity Custom Challenge. Due to popular demand, we’ve revived it for the Charity Auction at this October's Convention!

What: 33rd Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention
When: Friday, October 4, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.
Where: Marriott LAX – Los Angeles, CA
Info:  Click here for more information


We offered four of our high-end HWC style editions to some of the hottest customizers in the field. A full dozen of them volunteered their time and talents to help Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles. Your participation in the Auction will also help.

We asked the customizers to take the four cars and remake them into a special 4-car set. Anything goes: new paint, swap wheels, modify, chop, add... In the end, each customizer's 4-car set just has to scream "Hot Wheels" and blow bidders away at the Auction. That's 12 4-car sets, each customized differently!

The four cars we provided to each customizer to start with include a little something for everyone. They are as follows:

  • 2018 RLC Membership Datsun Bluebird
  • Holiday Texas Drive 'Em
  • HWC O16 Custom Barracuda
  • HWC Series Pit Crew Car



And here are the 12 participating customizers to whom we are grateful for taking the time to make this a special Charity event:

Joe Alvarado

Doug Austin

Albert Avila

Matthew Duncan

Dino Laspada

Tony "EssDee" Monzon

Bryan Pope

Paul Spradlin

Chris "Nightstalker" Walker

Dante Walker

Jordan Walker

Marcia Walker


These very special, one-of-a-kind sets can only be had by bidding during the Charity Auction at the Convention. And you help a good cause by helping your collection. Very exclusive! You wanna be part of that, don’t you? Hope to see you there!

HWC Staff
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I'll be there, looking forward to the Custom Challenge.

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Iron Storm 1962


I'm glad they're going to a good cause.

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Killer Hot Wheels


I think if there is any sponsored event by hot wheels or RLC it should be fair by being the middle of the country so everyone doesn't have to travel across the other side of the country to be apart of this event and not everyone likes to fly on these airplanes that wreck everyday thanks for nothing and LA is the most gunned down city in the state forget I'm staying home what a let down

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