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HW Studio Character Cars: More Magnificent Marvel!

By Gary Barnum


They’re just too big to contain on the pages of comics! Marvel characters have hit the big screen, big time. And if you’re gonna think big action, you’ve got to think Hot Wheels. Next step from the screen? Hot Wheels Character Cars!


In this 2020 Studio Character Cars mix, we present larger-than-life adventurers -- including two new castings! Whether you’ve read or seen their stories (and you should!), you can make your own stories with these Hot Wheels editions right in your own collection.


GMJ01.png Black Panther


GMH98.png Black Widow


GMH99.png Captain America


GXC66.png Falcon


GMJ00.png Miles Morales


GJH94.png Ms. Marvel




GJH93.png Taskmaster




(Click here for more images!)



HW Studio Character Cars Mix 5 – Marvel:

  • Black Panther
  • Black Widow
  • Captain America (Action Feature Series)
  • Falcon (New casting!)
  • Miles Morales (Spider-Man Animated)
  • Ms. Marvel (New casting!)
  • Taskmaster (New casting!)



Items and dates subject to change. Production cars may vary from the photos shown. Mattel reserves the right to modify the color, decorations scale, body, and wheel type. Product subject to availability.

© 2020 MARVEL



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HWC Staff
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I really like the Miles Morales car.  Hope to find one for my son.  He loves all things Superheroes! Overall a good looking set to me.

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Nice looking set.  Again, great art work!  I especially like the Taskmaster!

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Whoever was working on these should’ve been working on fixing the rewards points issue 

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the last of the dodos


anybody else find these character cars creepy? i mean there pretty much just random characters skined over cars! O.O

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