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HW Star Wars™ Character Cars With Action Features!

By Gary Barnum

Just when you think Star Wars™ couldn't be more action-packed, Hot Wheels finds a way to wedge in a bit more. Some of our Star Wars™ Character Cars this year include action features!

With the swing-out lightsaber feature, your Hot Wheels Darth Vader™ Character Car can now duel with the Jedi Luke Skywalker™ Character Car! And the Chewbacca™ Character Car can use its bowcaster to exchange laser fire with the Stormtrooper™ Character Car and its blaster! See? We keep the excitement rolling here.


Mix 1:

FJF90_PIP?&fmt=png-alpha&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
FJF90_01?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
FJF90_03?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
FJF90_02?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
Chewbacca™ and Porg™ (First appearance!)
FYT18_PIP?&fmt=png-alpha&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
FYT18_01?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
FYT18_03?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
FYT18_02?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
Darth Vader™ (Swing-out lightsaber!)
FYT19_PIP?&fmt=png-alpha&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
FYT19_01?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
FYT19_03?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
FYT19_02?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
Jedi Luke Skywalker™ (Swing-out lightsaber!)
FLJ75_PIP?&fmt=png-alpha&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
FLJ75_01?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
FLJ75_03?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
FLJ75_02?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
TIE Fighter Pilot™ (First appearance!)


Mix 2:

FYT23_PIP?&fmt=png-alpha&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
FYT23_04?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
FYT23_03?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
FYT23_02?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
Chewbacca™ (Moving bowcaster!)
FYT20_PIP?&fmt=png-alpha&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
FYT20_01?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
FYT20_03?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
FYT20_02?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
Porg™ (First appearance!)
FYT24_PIP?&fmt=png-alpha&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
FYT24_01?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
FYT24_03?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
FYT24_02?&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&wid=400& resMode=sharp2
Stormtrooper™ (Pull-out blaster!)

Not only do some have action features for the first time, but you'll also find other newly tooled Character Cars making their first appearance. That's a lot of newness for characters from long ago in a galaxy far, far away!

Mix 1:

  • Chewbacca™ and Porg™ (First appearance!)
  • Darth Vader™ (Swing-out lightsaber!)
  • Jedi Luke Skywalker™ (Swing-out lightsaber!)
  • TIE Fighter Pilot™ (First appearance!)

Mix 2:

  • Chewbacca™ (Moving bowcaster!)
  • Porg™ (First appearance!)
  • Stormtrooper™ (Pull-out blaster!)

Mix 3:

  • Jar Jar Binks™ (First appearance!)
  • R2-Q5™ (First appearance!)
  • R5-D4™ (First appearance!)


© & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.

Items and dates subject to change. Production cars may vary from the photos shown. Mattel reserves the right to modify the color, decorations and wheel type.


HWC Staff
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Which stores will carry these other than Walmart?

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I think they should be available at Kroger and Target as well, at the very least.

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Wow those new star wars character cars coming out are all awesome. ?I have a couple of those already in my collection and the rest I'm still on the hunt for. ?

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Also rite aid carriers these. I found a couple of these at my rite aid.?

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Great for the kids and Star Wars collectors.

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