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Hot Wheels 2020 Pop Culture Mix 4: Vintage Oil!

By Gary Barnum

Your Hot Wheels may not need motor oil to reach the end of the track, but the cars and trucks that inspire them certainly do. At least anything with an internal combustion engine. Fortunately, several motor oil brands have kept the automotive world greased for as long as more than a century. We pay homage to Vintage Oil with our fourth and final Pop Culture mix of 2020.

Agip – In the mid 1920s, Sinclair Oil and the Italian government split the profits of Sicilian oil. A critic of this private venture was killed and, in 1926, the public Azienda Generale Italiana Petroli established a public holding on the black gold. Agip appears to have been defunct since 2008.

Gulf – Founded in Beaumont, Texas in 1901, Gulf became a household name – and eventually an iconic symbol. However, a tumultuous 1980s led to the company’s breakup, only to revive in more recent years. The powder blue and marigold orange color combo still thrills racing enthusiasts to this day.

Lion Head – Established in 1922, Lion Head – like Gulf – struggled in the 1980s. Nevertheless, the modern version of the brand maintains a headquarters in Brentwood, Tennessee.

Shell – A subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, the company can trace its origins to 1907. Headquartered in the Netherlands, it is currently one the largest corporations in the world.

Valvoline – Founded in Binghamton, New York way back in 1866, Valvoline eventually became (and remains) a mainstay sponsor of pro racing.

These slick editions feature die-cast/die-cast construction and Real Riders wheels, with state-of-the-art deco. And remember: dinosaurs gave their lives for the brands represented here. Let’s honor them, too.


GRL37.png 1937 Haulin’ Gas (Lion Head)


GRL36.png ’83 Chevy® Silverado™ (Gulf)


GRL35.png ’78 Dodge Little Red Express (Shell)



GRL38.png ’63 Studebaker Champ (Valvoline)


GRL39.png ’38 Dodge Airflow (Agip)


(Click here for more images!)


2020 Pop Culture Mix 4 – Vintage Oil Checklist:

  • 1937 Haulin’ Gas (Lion Head)
  • ’38 Dodge Airflow (Agip)
  • ’63 Studebaker Champ (Valvoline)
  • ’78 Dodge Little Red Express (Shell)
  • ’83 Chevy® Silverado™ (Gulf)


 Dodge and related logos, vehicle model names and trade dress are trademarks of FCA US LLC and used under license by Mattel, Inc. © 2020 FCA US LLC.
Items and dates subject to change. Production cars may vary from the photos shown. Mattel reserves the right to modify the color, decorations, scale, body, and wheel type. Product subject to availability.


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Holy cow...some petrol products actually on petrol delivery vehicles...

Finally...no candy or cartoon characters!!!


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Great CARDS !!!

Wrong CARS !!!

I concur fellow brethren 

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