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Fast & Furious Walmart Premium "Garage" Set

By Allen Voivod


Our Walmart Premium Sets for 2020 are inspired by notable "garages" – auto shops where you'll find the most amazing cars you've ever seen! For our second set of the year, we're getting our drive from the silver screen – specifically, the movie that kicked off the Fast & Furious franchise, The Fast and the Furious!


The diorama packaging images are inspired by the neighborhood where you'd find D•T Precision Auto Shop, the name of Dominic Toretto's garage from that inaugural movie. In the set, you'll find all-metal versions of three street-racing castings, as well as an exclusive variant of the Hot Wheels original Carry On transporter casting. It's tough enough to catch any of these when they're out on the road, but at your local Walmart, you might want to catch two – one for display in the box, and one to open just for the thrill of it!









2020 Walmart Premium Sets Mix 2 – Fast & Furious Garage:

Carry On with:

  • '70 Dodge Charger R/T
  • Toyota Supra
  • Volkswagen Jetta Mk3



Items and dates subject to change. Production items may vary from the photos shown. Mattel reserves the right to modify the color, decorations, scale, body, and wheel type.

Dodge and related logos, vehicle model names and trade dress are trademarks of FCA US LLC and used under license by Mattel, Inc. © 2020 FCA US LLC.

© Universal City Studios LLC. All Rights Reserved.



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My dad and I were lucky to find three in two different Wal-Marts.

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On 9/10/2020 at 1:34 PM, TheRoadKing said:

My dad and I were lucky to find three in two different Wal-Marts.


oh yeah,  they are all over the shelves here..  yet i have a few sets..  I can't enough of the detail and the cool castings.  LOVE the charger.

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Already got the Jetta and charger carded, but had to have the orange Supra.

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Nice set but do I hear $$$ ?  Anyway, I hope to ,catch one of these sweet

sets before they’re all gone. I would really like to see some ‘50s sets that aren’t

tied to certain movies. I know there’s not much luck of that happening, but I

think they would go over in a big way-maybe a few new castings to make it work ? Then, a few newer ‘60s sets where there are more castings about. It’s an idea that could work for us old fellas. Just a thought to get a few of us thinking.

Is it me or am I thinking they’re getting a lot of mileage out of that black Charger ? Good luck to all & hope you’re finding whatever you’re after.

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