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2017 HW Marvel Character Car Mixes, Part 1

By Gary Barnum

From New York City to the other side of the galaxy, these Marvel heroes-turned-Hot Wheels will save the day! Don’t let the action pass you by.

Mix 1 (Nov. 2016):

  • Elektra™ (New tool!)
  • Daredevil™
  • Groot™
  • Hulk™
  • Iron Man™
  • Spider-Man™
  • Wolverine™

Mix 2 (Dec. 2016):

  • Iron Fist™ (New tool!)
  • Captain America™
  • Green Goblin™
  • Iron Man™
  • The Punisher™
  • Spider-Man™
  • Venom™


Mix 3 (Feb. 2017):

  • Groot™ Go-Kart (New tool!)
  • Yondu™ (New tool!)
  • Hulk™
  • Iron Man Mark XLVI™
  • Rocket Raccoon™ (New deco!)
  • Star Lord™

Mix 4 (March 2017):

  • Mantis™ (New tool! Rare!)
  • Nebula™ (New tool! Rare!)
  • Drax™
  • Gamora™
  • Groot™ Go-Kart
  • Rocket Raccoon™
  • Star Lord™
  • Yondu™

© 2017 MARVEL

All Trademarks not owned by Mattel are the property of their respective owners, and are used with permission.

Production cars may vary from the photos shown. Mattel reserves the right to modify the color, decorations and wheel type. Availability subject to change.

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Guest SAMACE261572370656


Those new marvel character car's coming out are all awesome. I will be on the hunt for these thumbs up.

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What does "Rare!" mean for Mantis and Nebula?

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