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    RLC Exclusive '01 Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR34)

    By HWC Staff, in News,

    By Gary Barnum   The Skyline can trace its roots to royalty. The first Skyline was produced by the Prince Motor Company in 1957. It eventually made its way to Nissan, of course, and became the legend we know and love. Make it the jewel in the crown of your collection with the RLC Exclusive… Read More

    By Gary Barnum Sometimes a Gasser and a Dirty Blonde just go together. RLC members chose the popular ’55 Chevy® Gasser for this year’s RLC sELECTIONs edition. And with the new Spectraflame color—bright yellow—this is a hot one! Pre-order yours beginning June 11, 2019. Members chose t… Read More

    Below are Hot Wheels retail series releases planned for June 2019. 2019 Fast & Furious Mix 3 – 1/4 Mile Muscle: ’67 Chevrolet® Camaro® ’69 Ford Mustang Boss 302 ’70 Chevrolet® Chevelle™ SS™ (Primer gray) ’70 Chevrolet® Chevelle™ SS™ (Red) ’77 Pontiac® Firebird® T/A … Read More

    By Gary Barnum Did you miss the Red Line Club membership sale earlier this year? Well, we’ve got good news for you! We’re making more 2019 Red Line Club memberships available. So if you’ve been missing out on HWC and RLC editions, this is a good place to get in; membership includes the RLC Exclus… Read More

    By Gary Barnum Those blazing Red Edition Hot Wheels releases continue! We filled you in on the first two, but here are the final two mixes for 2019. They’ll light up Target stores in Mixes L and P. There are a total of 12 Red Edition vehicles this year, with three editions in four different mi… Read More


    Hot Wheels Peg Positions: May 2019!

    By HWC Staff, in News,

    Below are Hot Wheels retail series releases planned for May 2019. 2019 Walmart Auto Mix 3 – Offroad Trucks: Baja Bone Shaker Baja Truck Custom Ford Bronco Dune Crusher Jeep Scrambler Subaru Brat 2019 ZAMAC Editions - Mainline Mix K: ’95 Mazda RX-… Read More

    By Gary Barnum The Hot Wheels Legends Tour, a nationwide traveling car show, launched in 2018 in partnership with Walmart, was a full-throttle success! Hot Wheels will be on the road again in 2019, and we’re looking for another mind-blowing 1:1 custom car worthy of being one of our world-renowned… Read More

    By Gary Barnum The tradition continues! For many years, HotWheelsCollectors.com has treated our Red Line Club members to an exclusive Spectraflame pink car at the HW Collectors Nationals and at the HW Collectors Convention. This time, you get an Original 16 casting: the Custom Corvette®! If you w… Read More

    It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. We’re about to start shipping the 2018 sELECTIONs Custom '72 Datsun 240Z! If you ordered this last year, now is the time to make sure all of your information is up to date. Please go into your account and make sure it reflects: Your current shippi… Read More

    By Allen Voivod Our Fast & Furious Premium Assortment for 2019 includes muscle cars that don’t exactly “pump iron” – more like steel, aluminum, and nitrous oxide! Mix 3 of this series, “1/4 Mile Muscle,” includes five straight-line drag racers you’ve seen flexing in films from the high-octane fra… Read More

    By Allen Voivod Our latest Car Culture Premium Assortment for 2019 takes aero kits to the extreme! The “Silhouettes” mix includes five cars based on real-life models that have been given wide-body modifications, or had radical chin spoilers and rear spoilers added, to improve their already impres… Read More

    Below are Hot Wheels retail series releases planned for April 2019. 2019 Car Culture – Silhouettes: ’76 Chevy® Monza ’76 Greenwood Corvette® ’78 Porsche 935 Skyline Super Silhouette (New tool!) RWB Porsche 930 (New tool!) 2019 Target Throwback - Mix 1: ’65… Read More

    By Allen Voivod In mining, “pay dirt” refers to earth that may contain the kind of ore, gems, and precious metals to make your life rich beyond your wildest dreams. For Hot Wheels, that dirt is the stuff of dune-stomping, jump-clearing childhood dreams come true! Our Walmart Auto Series hearke… Read More

    By Gary Barnum These collector-favored editions are all about taking it off —the paint, that is. But if you wanna know what the rest of the 2019 ZAMAC editions are, we’ve got you covered. When it’s time to wrap them up and take them home, look no further than your nearest Walmart. These shiny,… Read More

    By Gary Barnum Just when you think Star Wars™ couldn't be more action-packed, Hot Wheels finds a way to wedge in a bit more. Some of our Star Wars™ Character Cars this year include action features! With the swing-out lightsaber feature, your Hot Wheels Darth Vader™ Character Car can now duel w… Read More

    By Allen Voivod Since 1994, Supreme has embodied quality, style, and authenticity. From their store in downtown Manhattan, they became the home of New York City skate culture, and expanded into a global community. They've collaborated with generations of artists, photographers, designers, musicia… Read More

    By Gary Barnum We’re heading back for another visit with our popular Target Throwback series for 2019! We celebrate several decades of scorching car designs – not just with the vehicles, but with the card art, too. As you’d expect from Hot Wheels, these beautiful pieces are stunningly decorate… Read More

    By Allen Voivod Our Team Transport Premium Assortment is ready for the long asphalt haul in 2019! Remember, this assortment features cars and haulers in coordinated decos, made with the same level of quality and detail as our signature Car Culture series. Look for Mix 1 to hit the pegs in March. … Read More

    By Gary Barnum Is it history, alternate history, or future history? The steampunk genre covers a lot of ground — which makes it a perfect place to find the HWC Special Edition Steam Punk Truck, the latest design by Larry Wood! This edition of the extraordinary casting will be offered at HWC on 3/… Read More

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